Who am I?

My name is Thomas Beswick, born in England, yet raised with the vikings of Norway. Since a very young age, I have been interested in game development, and growing up I went to art school, before taking a bachelor in Game Design and a bachelor in 3D Modelling and Animation. I started working professionally as a game programmer back in 2010, and now I currently work as a Technical Artist.

Game Programming

Over the course of my programming career, I had the privilege to work on a variety of projects, depicted above is MyKingdom, a flash game by Funcom which was meant for facebook, the game was fun, but had a short run.

After that we have Halatafl, this is a mobile game following some lesser known rules for “viking chess”, it’s a fun game to play, and was great to work on. On this project I coded everything except the AI.

Next is Norse Noir, this kickstarter point’n’click was both great to work on, and a nightmare. We ended up using quite a few plugins for Unity, most of which we had to code around, despite this, it was still really fun and the game turned out great.

Finally there is Trolls vs Vikings 2, I came in late in this project and was only expecting to fix bugs. It turns out however, that we decided to add a new world map, new unit unlock system, and daily events, and pvp league. Anyway, it’s a pretty solid mobile game, even if the best part is the Loki event I snuck in 😛

Game Visuals

On a more visual side of things, I have always been fascinated by coded graphics, and naturally the demoscene was of great interest to me. Together with some childhood friends we participated in the demoscene under the group name Dark Codex, from the years 1999 up until 2010, and then lately again under the new group Proximity.

In 2009 I formed Dark Codex into an actual company, and we started work on a game called MyBeast, the game was sadly overly complex, and we were forced to put it on ice. In 2014 I released Nightfox for Windows Phone, a game I had previously won “Best Visuals” for.

Going back to my love for the demoscene and what it represents, over recent years I have become more and more interested in shader programming, and wish to try and focus more on understanding how visual effects are made in games.

Luckily I got to do quite a bit of research on Megapop’s latest game, codenamed “Fight”. The game wanted a cartoony look, and even though we ended up going for hand drawn sprites, I did get the opportunity to do a lot of research into various forms of cell shading and comic book rendering.


While I dont have much to show off in regards to artwork, I do enjoy creating some in my spare time. Ive spent quite a few hours in photoshop, and even more drawing on paper. I often find a lack of motive the main problem, and I enjoy coloring more than doing line work.

As my bachelor degree is in 3D Modelling and Animation, it only seems logical that I would be interested in producing 3D assets, and while most of the work I get to do in 3D these days is only small minor objects for games, I still try to take some time to make something a little bigger and more polished.

Recently, there have been two new themes that have interested me, the first is pixel art. While I have always been interested in pixel art, I have only recently tried creating my own.

Another interest that has appeared is that of making maps, fueled by playing way too much Dungeons & Dragons (yes, the physical pen and paper version), I have gotten into making maps, both of large worlds and that of local towns.